Ghana Goods Online Store

Welcome to Ghana Goods online store - for west African drums, instruments, textiles clothes and accessories.

djembe1.jpgGhana Goods imports drums, xylophones, bells and shakers from some of the most renowned instrument makers in Ghana. we also stock Ghanaian furniture, sculpture, clothes and textiles.

calabash1.jpgWe have strong long-term connections with the craftsmen who produce our goods, and have a firm commitment to using enviromentaly sustainable materials and Fair Trade ethics.

djembe_hat1.jpgOur attention to detail and knowledge of Ghanaian musical instruments is highly professional, and we ensure that all our instruments are of the highest quality, fully tuned and maintained.

slitdrum1.jpgTake a look through our online shop, where you will find we have an extensive and comprehensive stock of instruments and accessories for all your musical needs.

kora_xylophone1.jpgDirector Ben Lawrence has been studying and working with musicians instrument makers for over ten years, and runs regular weekday and weekend drumming and xylophone workshops and classes in Bristol and Kent. He also offers tuition audio cassettes and CDs.

statues1.jpgFor further information about workshops click here.stool_basket_bowl1.jpg